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Fan Reviews: Ossie by name, Ossie by Nature. He plays the best this nation has to offer! I actually have an alarm set on my phone so I don’t miss the show!

I’ve been a massive fan of the Osman for quite a number of years now. His taste in music is just amazing and EVERY song he plays is one I love. It’s great to hear DJ’s like Ossie who support our local talent so well and it always puts a smile on my face when I hear him on the radio. All I can say is ‘Ossie by name, Ossie by nature. He plays the BEST this nation has to offer! I actually have an alarm set on my phone so I don’t miss the show!’ – Billy T Hogan, Toukley NSW

“Who doesn’t love the Osman!”

We reckon the Osman is tops! We never miss his show and the Aussie music he plays is second to none. He brings world class Australian talent to the Central Coast and as my wife just said ‘Who doesn’t love the OsMan!’
– Phil Burgess – Budgewoi, NSW 29th March 2015

Wayne Osborne, aka Oz-Man, the nicest guy in community radio with an Encyclopaedic knowledge and love of Australian rock, new and old! Love your work Oz, keep rockin!
Garry Frost OAM, Moving Pictures / 1927
Os has been a ambassador for the live music scene on the Central Coast, giving young and professionals musicians the chance to showcase there music live on air, he builds confidence in young acts and has been a mentor for many up and comings on the Coast and has also been supporting the live scene bringing many famous names to the Coast
Brendan Watson, Topline Entertainment
You don’t find this much unfortunately, but here is a station that plays all Australian music. A huge thank you to Wayne for keeping Australian culture alive and well.
Robbie James, GANGgajang
We love going on Ossies radio show. He has let us play a great selection of our songs each time which has enabled us to promote our new cd and led to a number of bookings for us! We are now Ossies Angels !!”
Just Between Us, Musical Duo
Ossie is an absolute legend .. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does he gives so much and supports and appreciates all musicians far and wide broadcasting us to the airwaves.. Truly a great man Jump on an enjoy the music train
Darren Rolling Keys, Entertainer
We’re very lucky to have a bloke like Ossie involved in the Australian music scene. Not only does he keep the classics alive, his passion for supporting up and coming Aussie artists is unrivalled!
Andy Kidd, Singer / Songwriter

I live in Northern Thailand and have been live streaming Ossie’s shows for 2 years now. He has an absolute deadset unreal mix of music old and new as well as live interviews with musicians who may be an emerging new talent or a re-emerging artist from days gone by. And to top it off he’ll make you, as the listener, feel part of the show. Get on board with Ossie, you won’t regret it.
Blu Romer, Chaing Mai, Thailand, Devoted Listener
Ossie is a great supporter of Australian music – from heritage acts to up and coming local artists of today. You won’t find many others out there who have as much passion and enthusiasm for grassroots radio as Ossie!
Nardia Drayton, Social Family Records

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